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How to track your photos using Google Images and TinEye

How to track your photos using Google Images and TinEye

September 26, 2013 4:12 pm4 comments

Few days ago, I was stunned over the controversial issue against Mark Joseph Solis who plagiarized photos on Flickr and entered it in several international photo competitions.

And a lot of photobloggers I knew have some problems on this matter. I dunno if you tried to search your photos online.

It’s easy to crop photos using Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing tools, even though you added watermark features on your pictures.

How to track your images online? I’m wondering on how I can check out my images that I published on my blogs and who used it (should I say, plagiarized) without my permission.

Yesterday, I found a reverse image search engine called TinEye. They can search the origin of an image, how it is being used, if there are modified versions of the image exist, or if there is a higher resolution version. According to their site, they regularly crawls the web for new images.


To use TinEye, upload the image or provide the URL of the photo. Then, they will search for similar picture. The upload size is limited to 1MB. It doesn’t recognize the persons or objects in the said pictures, but they recognizes the entire picture as a whole.


I also tried to check my photos on Google Images. You can upload your picture or paste the link of the particular photo.


When I found out that one of my images that I used as my profile picture on Twitter, and Facebook, there are some people who grabbed it without my permission.

There are some reverse image search engines available online, but there are not reliable whenever I’m searching several images that I owned. I recommended TinEye and Google Images to look out copyright photos.

Do you know any reverse image search engines that I didn’t mention here? Drop your comments below.

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